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We understand the challenges of starting and growing a business because we’ve done it ourselves (and we’re still doing it).

Transmit Startups

Over the past 11 years we've worked with more than 15,000 entrepreneurs, helping them to access over £175 million in finance, as well as mentoring and support to thrive on their business journey.

Back in 2013, our three founders started Transmit Startups to deliver the Start Up Loans scheme for the government. We started as the smallest provider and within 5 years we’d grown to be the largest provider of Start Up Loans in the UK. We’re exceptionally proud of the team we built and the 96% customer feedback score we maintained.

Since 2023, Transmit Startups no longer delivers the Start Up Loans scheme directly, but you can still apply here - our partners at Biz Britain will support you through the application process.

The team have turned our attention to creating products and services designed for ambitious founders, using everything we’ve learned to help growing SMEs on their scale up journey. 

Discover what we’re working on at Smarta and Generic AI.


Smarta is an EdTech company offering on-demand eLearning, plus business advice, product discounts and access to experienced entrepreneurs.

We work with company founders and their executive teams to improve productivity and performance, helping you realise your goals in business - and in life.

Smarta Growth is right for you want to learn:

  • how to scale up your company without diminishing your profit margin

  • how to create the culture you want and get your people pulling in the same direction

  • how to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking

  • how to lead and delegate effectively to focus on what really matters.

Our online courses provide founders with accessible digital content to upskill your team, and our individual or group sessions offer the chance to discuss your leadership challenges with someone who’s been in your shoes. 

By sharing our knowledge and passion for business, we’re helping other independent companies to set stretch goals and grow to meet them. Whatever sector you’re in, you’ll benefit from the collective wisdom of a team with varied specialisms, each with in-depth knowledge in key areas.

Whether you have a team of 5 of 50, we'll work with you to discover and develop everyone’s skills and strengths - starting with yours.

Generic AI

Generic AI works with growing companies across all sectors to develop the areas of their business that can be streamlined using Artificial Intelligence.

Generic AI introduces emerging technologies into organisations to encourage innovation and increase performance, efficiency and productivity.  

Using our unique approach, based on the Principle of Least Action in physics, Generic AI is on a quest to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). 

By improving company processes, it’s possible to enhance the human experience of business ownership - a purpose that aligns with the work we’re doing at Smarta

Combining our scaleup expertise from Transmit Startups with the power of machine learning, Generic AI helps founders and SME leaders to achieve more with less.